Our Team

Rockets move fast. That’s what they do. They get you from point A to point B quickly so that you’re free to explore the unimaginable. But a rocket is just a vessel or a free-flying conduit, and it’s those within, outside, in front of, and behind it who chart its course and determine where it goes, how quickly it gets there, and how deep and lasting an impact it makes. Meet the team that makes it all happen.

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Sara Eolin

"I never met a challenge (or an exclamation point!) that I didn't like."
Is Sara a bit of a risk-taker? Yes. Why? Because it’s a challenge and, why not? Is Sara simultaneously the most steadfast, reliable and baller best friend to all our clients? Yes. Both of these natural strengths are driven by Sara's constant need from within to push, and push, and push some more. A producer’s role is to take all of the ideas, sift through until you land on the great ones, then work tirelessly to help the entirety of the creative team actually bring those ideas to life in a completely unrivaled way. Until the next opportunity, at which point the cycle begins anew and we do our best to outdo ourselves again. This is what Sara lives for. Quite simply, she's fearless, and always gets it done. With a healthy dose of exclaiming, of course.
Dare Sara to outdo herself. A triple-dog-dare.

Marla Whittaker

"I love you, but I don't want to take a road trip with you."
Marla says she has no history that she is able to speak of publicly without CIA clearance. Within minutes of meeting, she'll most likely tell you the strange, and often obscure, National Day being celebrated. Long ago, on National Disc Golf Day, she started as a PA and rose the ranks, working her way up to EP and Head of Production. Her wit is as lethal as her demeanor is lovable and loyal. All about the team dynamic, she dotes on each director and producer and how much she loves each of them. Sara is her “little Turtle Dove” and “I am her Buttercup,” she admits, saying “we would all do anything for each other.” Marla will win you over in seconds and then get back to running a job or twenty at the same time, without skipping a beat.
Ask Marla what you could be celebrating right now.