Nick Piper

The Rocket Scientist

Nick studied applied mathematics at Oxford and boxed for the university team—which makes no sense if you want to be a director but somehow does when he explains it to you—then he moved to the French Alps and started a production company ‘Mogul Movies’ that made low budget ski films and he had way more fun doing that than if he’d taken the job at JP Morgan—and when the snow melted he cycled back to London and began working at MPC doing cool digital effects on ads that ended up winning him lots of awards—and then one day his phone rang during lunch and someone with an american accent asked if he would like to move to LA and work on some really big commercials and music videos with famous people that only had one name and he said…ok…

…and the first thing he did was put a full grown kid into a Pepsi bottle during the Super Bowl which won him a Gold Lion and made his mum really proud—and then advertising people started approaching him to direct all kinds of commercials—not just effects commercials but sexy car commercials and real people commercials and emotional story commercials and basically anything else you see on TV—and he got the nickname Dr P because of the mathematical attention to detail he brings to every project he directs—which agencies seem to love—and he secretly does too—and now he lives in Paris where he spends his spare time developing existential documentaries and writing bios in the third person.

Hyundai Hope



Hyundai Frisbee