Dave Rogers

The Triple Threat

When David was eight years old, he saw Superman: The Movie on the silver screen and knew from that point on what he wanted to do with his life. It wasn’t to be a superhero, but rather he was on the path to becoming a film and television director.

He shot his own movies with kids from the neighborhood, videotaped weddings and bar mitzvahs on weekends, graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Cinema and Photography, and soon after moved out to Hollywood to make his dream a reality.

His first job in television was as the assistant editor on Seinfeld and his first solo editing credit was Seinfeld: The Chronicle, the clip show which aired right before the series finale. He went on to edit NewsRadioAndy Richter Controls The UniverseThe ComebackEntourage and The Office, the place he had been fortunate to call his home for almost ten years, finishing the series as a Director/Editor/Co-Executive Producer.

He has won two Emmys and two Academy of Cinema Editors ‘Eddie’ Awards for his work on The Office, has directed multiple episodes of the show including the hour-long penultimate episode A.A.R.M., and has directed various other shows including Parks and RecreationThe Mindy ProjectThe Hard Times of RJ Berger, and Friends With Benefits.

David currently serves as a Director/Editor/Co-Executive Producer on another show he loves, The Mindy Project, and looks forward to new directing challenges as well as developing his own projects.

The Office

Space Force

Parks & Rec

The Mindy Project

The Office